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Suspect Scott #534B Schermack TypeIII

The Scott #534B with Schermack TypeII perforations has a catalog value of $85.00 which makes it a moderately expensive stamp.

First question: is the stamp an offset printing? Yes, the stamp is an offset printing because I feel no ridges when I lightly drag my stamp tongs across the horizontal lines.

Second question: is the stamp a Type VII?

The images below show comparisons of the suspect stamp, on the left with a genuine Scott #528B Type VII and genuine Scott #528 Type VA on the right.

Suspect's Lip Dots has four rows of three dots under the nose just like the genuine Type VII but are not as strong.

Genuine Type VII Lip Dots.

Suspect's Lip Dots are closer in comparison to the genuine Type VA Lip Dots except for the first column of dots in the lip.

Genuine Type VA Lip Dots.

Suspect's Head Dots are not as distinctive as the genuine Type VII.

Genuine Type VII Head Dots.

Suspect's Had Dots are much more distinctive and numerous than the Type VA stamp.

Genuine Type VA Head Dots. These head dots are very much weaker than the suspect stamp.

Suspect's Left 2 is not as strong as the genuine Type VII Left 2.

Genuine Type VII Left 2.

Suspect's Left 2 is Closer in appearance to the genuine Type VA Left 2.

Genuine Type VA Left 2.

Based on the above comparisons I've come to the conclusion that the suspect Scott #534B is in fact a Scott #534 with added dots to the lip and top of the head.

Reference material used: 

  • The Expert's Book. A practical guide to the authentication of United States stamps. By Paul W. Schmid.
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