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Remounted Scott #162.

This is a stamp I bought on Ebay some time ago as a known remounted stamp. At first glance it looks like a well centered Scott #162. What follows is an analysis of what to look for in a suspected remounted stamp.

The Scott #162 was printed on hard white paper which has a distinctive feel when held between the fingers. This stamp feels thicker than normal with a stiff feel when flicked. Also there is a distinct step between the image and the perforations.

I then dipped the stamp in watermark fluid and saw that the center of the stamp is denser than the outer edges.

Under low magnification it can be seen that the center image of the stamp has been trimmed of all perforations and has been glued down to a thinned down substrate possibly made from a large piece of corner selvage.

Another thing that is obvious is that the bottom of the stamp is missing a significant portion of the design below the 12. The image below illustrates the amount of material that was removed from the bottom edge.

I did a flip analysis of the perforations in my opinion the left, top and bottom perfs are genuine due to the near perfect alignment of the perforations and the right perforations are fake due to the numerous slight misalignments.  I suspect a piece of selvage from the right hand margin was used as the backing.

Everything to the right of the red line is a strong color green with the color going deep into the paper. Everything to the left of the red line is a different shade of green and the color just barely affects the top fibers of the paper. This is a strong indication that someone attempted to paint in the cut away ornamentation in order to simulate a more expensive Scott #31 Type I but the job was not done well enough to pass close inspection.

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