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Cheap replacement bulbs for the Signoscope T1 Watermark detector.

I originally stated that I had found inexpensive replacement bulbs at www.grainger.com. They sell a 6.3 volt bulb that I have found to be an acceptable substitute for the bulbs that are sold as replacements and cost $5.76 for a package of ten. 

The one problem with Grainger is that they are geared toward serving the needs of business not the needs of the individual. I tried to buy type 243 bulbs for my Radio Shack 30X Illuminated Microscope and I could not complete the transaction because Grainger was looking for information that I could not provide like business account numbers etc. 

Eventually I found a website that deals only in light bulbs. The site is www.1000bulbs.com and not only did I find the bulbs for my microscope (#IND-0243) I found the same bulbs for my Signoscope too (#IND-0040) that were at Grainger. The real kicker is that they are even cheaper at 1000bulbs.com - only $2.04 for a package of 10! The IND-0040 bulbs form 1000bulbs.com have all the same characteristics as the bulbs from Grainger but with out the checkout hassles.

Unfortunately www.1000bulbs.com no longer have the Type 243 bulds in stock but can be found at a number of different sellers by doing a Google search for "type 243 indicator bulb".The website www.1000bulbs.com no longer carries the #40 Miniature E10 BASE - 6.3 Volt 0.15 Amp 0.945 Watt T3-1/4 bulbs for the Signoscope but a Google search of "#40 MINIATURE BULB E10 BASE" found many other sources were the bulb could be bought from.

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