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Suspect Scott #387

I bought this stamp on EBay for $6.50 as a known fake with the goal of getting it off of the market and doing a proper analysis on it. If this was a genuine stamp it would be a moderately expensive stamp - $140.00 catalog value and is often faked. This stamp can be made by adding perforations to a #383 or trimming perforations off of a #374. It comes down to two things when determining if this is a genuine stamp or not:

  1. Are the straight edges good?
  2. Are the perforations good?

The original owner's analysis was as follows;

  • “Edges parallel”
  • “24.5 mm – P12-66 matched S6”
  • “SLWM – Vertical w/ stamp – correct”
  • “Big thins TL & TR”
  • “Slight arch no perf indentations bottom edge.
  • “Top edge rough”
  • “Trimmed fake 387”

The previous owner concluded the suspect was a trimmed #374.

As can be seen in the image the perforations don’t look right – they’re unevenly spaced, the perf tips are flat, they don’t follow a straight line, and they’re round. I could go on but suffice to say the perforations are not genuine.

Conclusion: the suspect #387 is in fact a #383 with poorly added perforations.

Reference material used:

Sonic Imagery Labs Precision U.S. Specialty Multi-Gauge.

As always comments and suggestions are always welcome.