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Suspect Scott #83

I bought this stamp on EBay for approximately $12.00 as a suspect fake with the goal of getting it off of the market and doing a proper analysis on it.  The Scott #83 is a very expensive stamp if real with a catalogue value of $1100 used and is known to be faked – out of 406 certificates issued by the Philatelic Foundation one was determined to have a counterfeit grill.

The suspect has a 16 X 20 grill that is 12.25mm X 15mm, points down on the face.  The Scott #83 (“C” Grill) has a 16 to 17 X 18 to 21 grill that is 12.75mm X 15mm, points up on the face.  Note: all measurements are from point hole to point hole.  Right off the bat there is a glaring problem with the suspect – the points are down on the face whereas on a “C” Grill the points are up on the face otherwise this would have been a candidate for expertizing.  There isn’t any other grill that even comes close to matching this grill pattern.

Conclusion: the suspect is not a #83 but a #65 with a counterfeit “C” Grill applied.

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