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Favorite Links

Over time I have found many interesting and informative websites that have help me learn about stamp collecting. Note: descriptions in quotes come from the websites themselves.

Getting kids started in stamp collecting:

  1. Home hobbies, Stamp Collecting: This site was found for me by Courtney's Kids from Colorado who "are ALL interested in stamp collecting. We've been scoping out all the different stamps from Disney to cat stamps!"


  1. American Philatelic Society: an outstanding resource for the beginner to serious student of philately. Membership is well worth the cost and includes a monthly magazine.

  2. Professional Stamp Experts: has movied to it's new web address - http://gradingmatters.com/. Just went to the website and was able to access all menu options.

  3. The Philatelic Foundation: The premier foundation for research and expertiztion. They have a searchable database of most of the certificates issued.

  4. American Stamp Dealers Association: A fine source of information for the veteran dealer or the newly minted dealer. The magazine put out by the association is a great read and you don't have to be a member to get a subscription.

  5. The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society: I came across these people while researching how to identify Scott #10. Their main focus is all aspects of U.S. 19th century philately.

  6. China Stamp Society: a major source of information about Chinese philately, publishes a bi-monthly magazine.

  7. Linn's Stamp News: Publisher of the Scott Catalogues and the Linn's Stamp News magazine.

  8. Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers (SCADS): "SCADS is an international association of philatelists whose goals are to combat fraudulent and dishonest tactics by sellers of stamps, and to protect and educate the philatelic community at large from fraud, particularly the newer and less experienced stamp collectors who represent the future of the hobby."  I have found the website very useful as I've gained experiance in the world of collecting.

  9. The International Machine Cancel Society: If you want to learn more about the cancel on your piece of postal history this is the place to go.

  10. New York Chapter of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society: A society dedicated to the collection and study of 19th stamps and postal history.

  11. The Precancel Stamp Society: A website with a lot of information regarding precancels.

  12. Stamporama: A membership site that has some content available to nonmembers.

  13. Post Mark Collectors Club: If you are into US post marks, this is the place for you.

  14. American First Day Cover Society: "a volunteer non-profit and non-commerical organization serving the needs of First Day Cover collectors, cachetmakers, and dealers."

  15. Virtual Stamp Club: An all around website with lots of information and a large number of archived articles.

  16. U.S. Philatelic Classics Society: "The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society is not-for-profit association of people interested in the pre-1894 stamps and postal history of the United States."

Confederate Stamps:

  1. Confederate States of America: an outstanding resource for Confederate stamps and postal history


  1. Subway Stamps: It's were I get all my supplies from because they have the lowest prices bar none.

  2. Sonic Imagery Labs: Makers of the Precision U.S. Specialty Multi-Gauge. It has 11 measuring devices on a single gauge.

  3. Unitrade Associates: For more than 30 years, Unitrade has been the major Canadian importer and distributor of stamp and coin albums, accessories and publications from around the globe.

  4. SoftPro: Maker of software designed specifically for the stamp collector. Personally I use AlbumGen, EZGrader, and EZImage software.

  5. Phil Bansner's website: Buyer and seller of stamps, postal history and literature.  Has one of the largest selections of philatelic literature I've seen on the web.

  6. Potomac Supplies

Helpful Information: 

  1. http://www.sheryll.net/Forgeries/Forgeries_article.htm - A very important, well thought out website that's full of really important information regarding early EBay sellers perpetrating philatelic fraud and how they were exposed. A must read for all who enjoy the hobby.

  2. Smarter Stamps: "Helping Stamp Collectors Make Better Buying Decisions" A new website started by the late Bill Weiss and Don Denman to help out buyers of stamps by rooting out auction listings, mainly in eBay, that are possibly misleading or fraudulent.  A very impressive site, I encourage all to check it out.

  3. U.S. Stamps 1847USA: (Stamp Smarter now hosts the 1847USA.com website) "1847usa.com was designed primarily to aid collectors in their identification of U.S. stamps." and they aren't kidding. This is the best website for identifying Washing/Franklins as well as letting you know which one to be cautious about because of the possibility of faking. This website is an encyclopedia of philatelic knowledge.

  4. Identifying Fakes: A website dedicated to identifying faked, forged, or altered stamps on EBay as well as identifying the bad sellers on EBay. A great website to learn how to spot faked or altered stamps.

  5. Military APO price guide: This site gives a sense of rarity and prices for a large number of military APO addresses. How to interpret the price guide can be found here. Part of a larger website dedicated to postal history run by Jim Forte.

  6. Brookman Cover Specialists: Buyers and sellers of covers dealing with the Zeppelins, Hindenburg, Akron, Macon, Los Angeles, Shenandoah, and other US Airships, Pan American Clipper flights, Pioneer and Early Flights, along with Government flight covers,  WW2 Patriotic covers along with First Days prior to 1945 generally, as well as Autographs on covers.

  7. Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries Inc.: the catalogues of the rarities auctions contain a wealth of information, the power search allows one to look through past auctions to determine prices and rarity.

  8. Some information on identifying Scott #10: A website with some useful information on how to identify Scott #10.

  9. Photos of plated Scott #10's: This website has enlarged photos of plated Scott #10's covering all plates.

  10. Washington/Franklin identifier: A well laid out site dealing with the often trick task of identifying the Washington/Franklin series of stamps.

  11. Stamp Auctions Network: a site that lists all noteworthy upcomming stamp auctions.

  12. Post Office in Paradise: "a site dedicated to the study and sharing of information about the stamps and postal history of Hawaii in the years before it became a territory of the United States on June 14, 1900." The only site I know of with such comprehensive information dealing with pre territory status Hawaiian postal history.

Blogs and discussion boards: 

  1. Richard Frajola: An outstanding site dealing mainly with postal history.

  2. Bob Swanson Stamps and Postal History: And interesting site with many articles and links to other sites.

  3. US Special Delivery.com: This site has a large amount of informtion about Special Delivery, Registered mail and other special service postal history.

  4. Stamp Insider, Essential Information for the Philatelist.

  5. 1895 Revenues: Dedicated to the US Revenues that financed the Spanish American War.

  6. Jim Forte Postal History: Jim's site dedicated to world Postal history.

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